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Hello, I’m Brian, with The Keyes Company.  When Life Changes,  we are very aware of the problems concerning selling a home when your loved one has transitioned or move to assisted living.  In either event, the home holds some of the needed funds you may need.


Unfortunately, selling an estate is different than selling a home.  Costly mistakes can be made when the asset is not handled in a way, to expedite and maximize cash from the asset. As you know the family may not be able to participate financially or there are no funds in the estate. Since timing is critical, I can help your clients save time and thousands of dollars. As a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, we are experienced in in the prep work needed to get a home on the market once the probate process and letter of testamentary are obtained.

Now here is where our REAL VALUE starts. As you know there may be other concerns either with family or probate.  We have been doing this for over 15 years now, and have assembled partners to help with cleaning, painting and general market prep and some of the contractors can even wait till closing for payment. We also have connections with Estate sale companies. So, we will be taking care of the real estate items while you are busy with the legal side.

We are also thinking of the family members, and the thousands of dollars that may be lost if not handled properly.  We are not Lawyers or CPAs, but we are successful Realtors who specialize in helping people in these unfortunate situations.  When Life Changes know that our background in real estate, combined with our experience makes us uniquely qualified to help you and your family through this process.  Contact us to schedule a consultation and begin the process.



Absolutely blown away at the level of service Brian provides. I have truly never met someone so genuine. He was so informative, pr...
- Amanda Trezza & Ryan Alvarez


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Direct: (954)464-6798
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